Stir It Up: Switzerland’s best chocolate


Stir It Up is WRS’s new food programme with co-host Anne Glusker, who introduces us to her upbringing in the foodie heaven that is New York and her pedigree in food writing for major league U.S. news outlets. Her first adventure with WRS took her in search of the country’s best chocolate…

Stir It Up: Locally pressed artisanal oils


Anne Glusker discovers a foodie’s delight here in Switzerland: artisanal oil mills in the Vaud countryside. 

Stir It Up: Organic wine in new bottles?


This week Anne discusses organic wines, talking to Raymond Parmelan, a wine-grower from La Côte about the benefits of farming and drinking ’bio’. 

Stir It Up: Beach eats


Anne Glusker sets out on a hunt for Switzerland’s best on-the-beach, still-in-your-bathing-suit dining options. 

Stir It Up: Anniversaries, ours and theirs


In what may be Anne Glusker’s swan song, we look back at highlights from the past year to fête the programme’s one-year anniversary—and the multiculturalism of American food, as well as the state of American agribusiness, as our friends in the the States get ready to celebrate that country’s birthday. 

Stir It Up: Eating the American dream

Tuesday, 4 November, 2008

American cuisine can be called diverse or schizophrenic. The colonists brought the food they knew from England, the descendants of slaves gave birth to Soul Food, and successive waves of immigrants have enriched the country’s diet with everything from bagels to fajitas. Anne Glusker takes us on the tour, and gives us a look at Barack Obama’s gastronomic background.