Stir It Up: Dishing up sorrel


Sorrel is one of those things that lots of people have heard of, but few know what to do with. Anne steps into her garden & discovers the joys of sorrel as a soup, sorrel as a sauce for fish, sorrel as addiction. 

Stir It Up: Hot summer salads


Anne Glusker shares some of her favorite cold foods for the dog days of summer. 

Stir It Up: Switzerland’s Culinary Heritage — Digitized


Alpine Nation: a small country with big-time food traditions. And intello-gastronome Stéphane Boisseaux has created an innovative cyber tool to keep track of it all. 

Stir It Up: Lettuce power!


The early lettuces are starting to come in, and although salads are great, Stir It Up has a daring suggestion: lettuce soup. Velvety green, it’s just the thing to welcome spring. 

Stir It Up: Tomatoes and Kiev


Anne Glusker tells us what to do with all those tomatoes—and brings us some culinary inspiration from her journey to Kiev. 

Stir It Up: Epiphany cake and cardoons

Tuesday, 6 January, 2009

Anne Glusker tells us how to make a cake to celebrate Epiphany the Swiss way—and dares us to peel a cardoon. 

Stir It Up: Switzerland’s best chocolate


Stir It Up is WRS’s new food programme with co-host Anne Glusker, who introduces us to her upbringing in the foodie heaven that is New York and her pedigree in food writing for major league U.S. news outlets. Her first adventure with WRS took her in search of the country’s best chocolate…

Stir It Up: Locally pressed artisanal oils


Anne Glusker discovers a foodie’s delight here in Switzerland: artisanal oil mills in the Vaud countryside. 

Stir It Up: Organic wine in new bottles?


This week Anne discusses organic wines, talking to Raymond Parmelan, a wine-grower from La Côte about the benefits of farming and drinking ’bio’. 

Stir It Up: Pig feasts & mushroom season

Tuesday, 11 November, 2008

In the Swiss Jura, the end of harvest season is traditionally marked by the butchering of a pig, and not a morsel goes to waste at the annual Fete de St.Martin. Plus: a look at the world of wild mushrooms.

Stir It Up: Berries

Friday, 18 July, 2008

For a food lover, one of the great joys of summer is eating berries. Anne Glusker takes a look at the varieties on offer in Switzerland and places where you can either pick your own or buy directly from the farm.

Stir It Up: At the fish market

Wednesday, 9 July, 2008

This week Anne Glusker takes a dip in the murky waters of buying fish. What species can we eat with a clear conscience? Where can you find authentic fish from the lakes of Switzerland?

Stir It Up: Food of love

Tuesday, 10 February, 2009

Valentine’s Day, the love holiday is coming up, and Anne Glusker has ideas on how to fête your sweetie. Chief among them: truffles. Journey to the French village of Richerenches to get the full aromatic picture.