Stir It Up: Vaudois traditions: Tarte à la raisinée & plum cake


Anne has an epiphany while staring into a huge outdoor cauldron of apples cooked for three days until they transform into a deep, rich dark brown substance called raisinée. Plus: delving into the mysteries of the possibly poisonous — but incredibly chic — tonka bean.

Stir It Up: Raw, unadulterated milk


Anne Glusker investigates a vending machine that gives you not packets of chips, not fizzy drinks, but pure, unpasteurized lait cru, or raw cow’s milk. 

Stir It Up: Flavours of Switzerland online


Anne Glusker and special guest Stéphane Boisseaux of the Patrimoine Culinaire Suisse discuss a database that brings Switzerland’s traditional food products into the digital age.

Stir It Up: At the Treberwurstfrass

Tuesday, 3 February, 2009

Just another way to say sausage feast! In the dead of winter, the winemakers of Lake Biel-Bienne steam big fat wursts in their distilleries. 

Stir It Up: Chestnut festival time in Fully


Autumn’s the time for chestnuts, and Anne is back from one of Switzerland’s many annual chestnut fests, featuring not only the traditional chestnut-cheese-grape plate called a brissolé but also, hold on, truffle fries and foie gras sandwiches. Plus: Anne learns how to construct a samosa.