Stir It Up: French Foodie Fest & Apple Compote


In Mougins, a town long past its heyday as a redoubt of Picasso & Co., Anne wanders the streets tasting, observing, and overhearing. Plus: compote by any other name is applesauce. Anne stirs up some Boscoop apples, adds a bit of heavy cream or maybe some maple syrup … & burns her best Le Creuset pot. 

Stir It Up: Know your onions


As the famous Bern Onion Festival approaches, Anne Glusker looks at ways to use this remarkable and ubiquitous bulb. 

Stir It Up: Cheese tradition in the Bernese Oberland

Tuesday, 23 September, 2008

This week, Anne Glusker delves into the mysteries of the “kaseteilet,” or cheese-sharing…